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Millican Sails Soling Tuning Guide

Initial Set up
Make sure the mast step is exactly in the center of the boat
Mark a spot equal distance from the bow on the gunwale near the forward shroud
Use this mark for your centering divider
Upper turnbuckle should be 470 mm from bow
Lower turnbuckle 485-490 from bow

Static settings
Forward of mast to bow 450mm
Spreader lengths 80 mm per side
Spreader height from deck 580mm
Mast rake Perpendicular to deck

Race Settings
Main boom Outside of boom to corner of transom
Main draft 25 mm at center of boom
Jib Boom Outside of boom in line with upper shroud
Jib draft 20mm at center of boom
Jib swivel Light air 85mm Heavy air 70mm

Shroud tension
Uppers Keep leeward shroud from going slack
Lowers Just hand tight
Backstay tension
Keep firm enough to stop the headstay from pumping
Make sure the rudder is centered